Csgo betting predictions spreadsheet

Csgo betting predictions spreadsheet
choice should be an ICB or Low bet in Titan.

Fnatic lost games that they shouldn t by any ways, I ll go with an ICB. OneThree vs Lynn Vision BO3 8 Lynn Vision TOP.90 TOP Lose.85 csgopositive 362.00 290. For the Win vs ESport Rhein-Neckar BO1 16 For the Win.99 Win.55 csgopositive.00.

I'll skip tho, because of the odds, they don't match betting odds t20 with the risk. 0,33 -0,33 22,33 ICB VP vs Fnatic (BO3) 26 - 74 for Fnatic 55 - 45 for Fnatic ICB in VP High I have to say that I don't really see VP winning this but Fnatic have underperformed. O vs Wizards BO3 4 o 5.45 Win.00 csgopositive 224.00 140. The match should be closer and Mouz betting odds milan san remo might cause betting odds icc world cup an upset.

CS:GO Predictions by Metalberg - Google Sheets

INE vs Adaptation BO3 3 Adaptation 4 50 -4.09 Lose.85 csgopositive.00.

VP have performed really well. 0,21 0,00 21,14 WON mouz vs VP (BO1) Inferno 23 - 77 for VP 30 - 70 for VP Medium in VP Low VP payed betting odds algorithm yesterday against HellRaisers in Inferno and won, since we have this recent.

Ence vs Heroic BO3 7 Handicap ence.5 18.74 Win.55.00. 3,11 0,00 59,86 WON hsbg vs Ducks (BO3) 52 - 48 for HSB 55 - 45 for hsbg Medium in hsbg Medium 5,63 4,93 59,86 lost Mouz vs C9 (BO3) 40 - 60 for C for. G2 have been around for some time already, they betting odds examples are well organized and well structured in comparison with Kinguin, they should win this game. TeamOne vs Swedish Canadians BO3 4 Handicap Swedish Canadians.12 Lose? KFish played well against CPlay yesterday and then played kind of bad betting odds algorithm against K1CK.

Csgo Betting Predictions Spreadsheet

0,37 0,65 19,77 lost VP vs Titan (BO1) Mirage 68 - 32 for VP 60 - 40 fot VP Low in VP Medium - 0,93 -0,93 19,12 WON VP vs Dignitas (BO1) Overpass.

I have to say that I don t really see. Alternate aTTaX vs sAw BO3 3 Handicap sAw.5 4 25 -4.09 Lose.55.00.

S1mple will play today, and we know what he is able. Ahq vs Asking Questions BO3 17 Ahq 17.15 Win.95 csgopositive.00. That said I'm going to bet in the team that has the stronger individual skill, and that team. 6,41 -6,41 55,25 WON LGB vs Na'Vi betting line over under (BO1) Mirage 86 - 14 for Na'Vi 75 - 25 for Na'Vi Medium in Na'Vi Low Map is Mirage, this favors Na'Vi a lot, Na'Vi are playing very well against high. Royalty vs GoBananas BO3 16 GoBananas 16.40 Win.65 csgopositive.00. I changed the odds to VP, because VP really need this win to go on on the tournament. The recommend bet is to go with an ICB in Mouz or a Low bet in NiP if odds stay around.

VP winning this but Fnatic have underperformed for the last games while. I think that FSid3 are superior here but be carefull with your bets because HR might surprise us all and that's why I'm betting low in them. My pick is certainly TSM. Lately titan's performance in de_dust2 haven't been quite comfortable to bet medium in them, that's why I recommend you to go low in this one.

But VP are a very inconscient team, that's why I recommend to go LOW in VP, tought betting markets impeachment I'm going with medium :D. N O, p Q, r S, t U, v W, x Bet Predictions by, metalberg. Fnatic have shown some nice performances lately while TSM haven't. This is online, and usually dignitas play better online than Lan. 1,00 -1,00 19,00 WON EnVyUs vs Fnatic (BO1) Train 56 - 44 for nV 65 - 35 for nV Low nV Medium Fnatic will play with 2 subs in Train.

DeathTeam Analysis Bet Advice CS:GO - Google Sheets

Navi have a lot of great players, but we have never really seen they playing well on de_cache. Betting in nV will give you no profit, while betting in Titan might give you something, or not. 0,21 -0,21 22,93 lost FSid3 vs Na'Vi (BO1) Cobblestone 30 - 70 for Na'Vi 35 - 65 for Na'Vi Low in Na'Vi Medium - Na'Vi are one of the teams that I can say that they really know how to play cobblestone.

55 - 45 for Fnatic. 2,63 -2,63 16,59 skip Fnatic vs NiP (BO1) de_inferno 79 - 21 for Fnatic 60 - 40 for Fnatic skip Medium NiP have always been a good team playing on de_inferno, but fnatic are in an higher. If Dignitas play like they usual do, they might win without many issues. Talking about the Kinguin's map pick, it should be 60 - 40 in favor of Kinguin due to their individual players skill.

Dignitas did had some troubles playing at lan in the Dreamhack. 0,00 betting is good or bad 0,00 48,66 WON* RB vs GPlay (BO1) 17 betting guide for beginners - 83 for GPlay 25 - 75 for GPlay Skip Low Its a lot likely that GPlay wins this game, even knowing that it is a BO1 I won't ICB. CooL Gaming vs Team Queso BO3 34 Team Queso TOP.31 TOP Lose.45 csgopositive.00.

Csgo Betting Model Bet Predictions Underdogchance

Thought you shouldn't bet anything higher than a Low bet. Hard Legion vs Endpoint BO3 4 Handicap Hard Legion.5 10.68 Win.66 csgopositive.00.

VP vs Fnatic (BO3) 26 - 74 for Fnatic. Im going with low in Titan because of the odds.

2,98 1,13 22,27 TIE EnVyUs vs Titan (BO2) 85 - 15 for EnVyUs 65 - 35 for EnVyUs ICB in Titan Medium There is no point on betting in nV anymore, since the odds are so high to betting glossary them. 0,00 0,00 47,55 WON* Penta vs Dignitas (BO3) 21 - 79 for Dignitas 70 - 30 for Dignitas Medium - Penta is inscient betting games for fun as fuk. Nexus vs For the Win BO1 4 For the Win 5 100 -5.45 Lose.50 csgopositive.00. You can ask me everything here! Ambush vs Tricked BO3 1 Handicap Ambush.5 TOP betting glossary 1 25 -1.36 TOP Lose.40 o 160.00 158.

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